Legends of Phaedria

Trouble in Palanquin

- Amador is wanted by the BurgerMeister for treason.

- Undead creatures from the lower city having attacking people in the upper city.

- Garith De’Malen has put out word that he is searching for Amador. Oskorrin questions him to see why and Garith says he believes her intentions are true.

- Undead spider attack the city. Cynwrig and Amador defend the city. Garith and Oskorrin jump in a little later.

- Garith tries to talk to Amador but she invisibles away. Orkorrin sets up a meeting with her, Cynwrig and himself on an island in the river. Upon meeting Garith gives a riveting speech how he has dedicated himself to re-establishing the Phaedrian bloodline. Amador agrees to let him on.

- Lucius tells Amador that only she can stop the undead attacks in Palanquin. She agrees to stop them.

- Garith questions the local guard and finds out the BurgerMeister’s life has been threatened and the attacks will continue unless he resigns. As a result the BurgerMeister has brought in all his guard leaving the city defenseless.

Cynwrig find spider tracks leading underground. The group decides to follow them and encounters more undead spiders. They quickly defeat them. Further searching reveals there are different undead creatures (trolls, giants etc) at the entrances to the undercity.

The group finds follows some tracks heading further down.



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