Garith De'Malen

Paladin secretly searching for the royal bloodline of Phaedria.


Born in Miridian to a un-landed knight growing up was not hard for Garith nor was it easy. He spent a lot of time training with a sword but the higher born nobles received better training. His favorite thing though was hearing stories of Mavala, a paladin of Phaedria as she fought in service to protect the crown.

This all changed when Garith’s father was killed in a skirmish with the City State of Hesse. Within a year his mother had remarried to a landed noble of Palanquin but Garith hated his step-father as he was known for being violent. At 16 Garith left and enlisted in the army of Palanquin.

From his training and valor in battle he rose quickly through the ranks. During some off time he discovered the under city of Palanquin and went exploring. Eventually, he saw the image of crown and from his mother’s descriptions in her stories knew that it was the high crown of Phaedria.

Garith knelt before the crown and swore to do all he could to help the lost bloodline of Phaedria to once again regain their position in the world. Her hear a voice of something calling itself “The Trumpet Achon” that accepted his oath. At that moment he became a Paladin of Phaedria, just like his hero, Mavala.

For years he has kept this secret but now he feels everything is about to change.

Garith De'Malen

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