Legends of Phaedria

Power of the Blood

Amador meets with Trumpet Archon who tells her she is the royal bloodline of Phaedria. It tells her to return to Palanquin to reclaim her birthright. Amador argues with him.

Group joins a delegation of Repintigny dignitaries who are heading to Palanquin. As they are traveling soldier from Lostyr stop them and order that the delegates return with them to Tyr. Amador tries to order them away saying she is the royal blood of Phaedria but they attack.

One of the delegate guards, Fulteron, betrays them and joins the soldiers in the attack. Kutter casts a spell he embedded in the Amulet of Alcutar which then burns into his chest permanently. The group is able to defeat the soldiers and capture Fulteron.

Questioning Fulteron they find out he was hired to assassinate Cynwrig by his father’s second in command, Rolf. Oskorrin finds out he is with the guild and secretly frees him.



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