Oskorrin Dunnhill

Male Hill Dwarf Rogue


Oskorrin is a dwarven rogue. He grew up in the Carbon Hills, nestled against the Diamond Mountains. At a young age the elders noticed a certain deftness of hand and mind he possessed and strongly suggested to his family that he join the alchemist guild. Unbeknownst to them that guild is partially a front for the rogue and assassin organizations of Phaedria. Oskorrin quickly learned this and took to poisonmaking and general roguery like a rock rolling downhill.

Progressing perhaps a little too quickly, Oskorrin failed in an attempt to synthesize a poison known as The Dark Bloom. Accidentally breathing a tiny bit of the vapors nearly killed him and debilitated his strength permanently. Since then Oskorrin has beome quite careful with his crafting and is growing in skill quickly.

Oskorrin Dunnhill

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